Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mistaken Impressions

I frequently put my foot in my mouth. Even more often I find myself in situations where someone misconstrues a remark I have made. A case in point occurred when I was shooting a catfight video with Venus DeLight for JM Rolen. I think I had mentioned having recently obtained my real estate sales license. Venus may have made some comment in which she expressed interest in getting a sales license in the state where she lives. I can't recall the exact course of the conversation but I remember remarking that the sales license is useful even if "you just want to buy your own property."

"I already own a house." she snapped at me with disgust before she changed the subject.

That was the only tense moment of the whole day because Venus was a lot of fun to shoot with and I thought that we had gotten along really well. Still, I kept reflecting upon how I had inadvertantly offended her. Here I am typing about it now 3 or 4 years later. I seem to say the wrong thing a lot. It makes me feel like kind of an idiot. I had not been implying to Venus that I didn't think she owned property. After all, many people who buy multiple properties end up getting their sales licenses so they can receive commissions from their own personal real estate transactions.

This whole story was probably not worth mentioning but it was the first thing that occurred to me when I looked at the photo above. Incidentally, the photo was taken during the shooting of a video entitled "Blonde Fury" which is available at .

You can see the full "Blonde Fury" photo gallery at now.

- XXOO Tanya

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