Friday, February 02, 2007

Self-righteous Stacey

Stacey Cash and I have done many videos together. We are old pals. As it happened we had not seen each other for about a year. Evidently Stacey had been doing lots of work while I had been sitting at home waiting for my phone to ring. I became really happy when I found out we would be shooting together at a gym location in El Segundo. I even got there early. Stacey and I greeted each other like the old buddies that we are. I congratulated her on all the work that she had been doing. It impressed me how much her career had taken off. Always gracious, Stacey smiled and brushed off my compliments.

"So what's new with you?" she asked. "I haven't seen you in ages. Did you get married or something?"

"No." I responded. "I've just been, ah.. relaxing a lot."

"Yeah, I see that.." she said after a moment.

I looked at her expectantly because it seemed like she was about to say something else.

"You know," Stacey began, "I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't tell you that you really need to lay off the Ho Hos. You look like you've been parked on your couch scarfing Hostess treats for the past year. I was just being nice when I asked if you'd gotten married. No one is going to marry you or hire you for video work if you don't get back in shape and improve your personality."

Silence engulfed the gym. The cameraman looked at the ceiling, looked at the floor, and then looked away. Stacey's tone had been very sincere. She wasn't being mean - she genuinely was trying to tell me something that she believed. Her put her hands onto her hips and watched my reaction. I gazed at her and took in her perfect breasts, slim little waist, sculpted ass, strong legs, and resolute expression. It was too much. It was just too much.

"Listen you self-righteous little bitch," I hissed, "I'm going to keep eating all the Ho Hos that I want because I can still kick your perfect ass around the boxing ring any day of the week!"

Stacey looked at me with something akin to pity before tossing a pair of boxing gloves at my head and climbing into the ring.

Join now to see who triumphed in this bloody debacle of a boxing match!

- XXOO Tanya

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rhinna said...

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