Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rookie Stripper

Lonnie Waters has only been dancing about a year. To be a true veteran stripper you have to have at least 3 years underneath your g-string. Since she is two years shy of the benchmark she has not yet cultivated the deep, seething anger that is attendant to the profession. Yeah, the smart dancers make enough money to compensate for the idiocy they encounter at work, but they end up with a lot of animosity that must be meted out to random but vexing individuals at various moments. It's best to wait for a deserving vessel and then unleash torrents of pent-up abuse upon that hapless person. The key words are "vexing" and "deserving." All you have to do is wait and, sure enough, some moron will do something vexing enough to make them deserving of your punishment. Trust me. It always happens that way. Last Tuesday a drunk, dumbass broad tested my patience and I got into it with her. The end result had that fat bitch chugging a drink out of the toilet. Lonnie thought it was all really funny and I tried to point out to her that she would soon begin to understand why I had such a bad temper. She began playfighting with me and I had to try and force myself to gear up for a second battle in less than 10 minutes! See who won this unnecessary squabble at !

- XXOO Tanya

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