Friday, September 21, 2007

Don't Mess with Texas

Well-intentioned but morally challenged superheroine Ms. Confederate went to a small town in East Texas on a mission. She successfully dismantled an underground network of smugglers who trafficked in dildos. Yep, sex toys are illegal in the state of Texas. You can drive around with guns and liquor in your vehicle, but Heaven forbid that a woman should possess a vibrator in her home. Ms. Confederate busted the clandestine pack of novelty distributors and csrted them off to jail. Then she returned to the headquarters of their operation and proceeded to incinerate all of their merchandise. Or did she? Texas Marshals Jewell Marceau and Natalia Love discovered that Ms. Confederate had stashed a large, black dildo in a fireplace. They lay in wait for her to return. Each of them chuckled inwardly when Ms. Confederate, still clad in her trademark red supersuit snuck into the building late at night to find her hidden treasure. Of course it was no longer there and Officers Marceau and Love confronted the humiliated superheroine with their guns drawn.

"There's a reason that dildos are illegal in our great state of Texas!" Officer Marceau snarled. "They are often used as weapons and we are going to show you exactly how much harm they can do to a woman!!"

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Don't mess with Texas.

- XXOO Tanya


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