Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vodka-swilling slacker does battle

There was an occasion in the past when Francesca Le came to my house and criticized my home decorating. I thought that she displayed a ruthless disregard for both my hospitality and my feelings. Adding injury to insult Francesca proved to be the better woman on that day when she kicked my ass. I was humiliated but my spirit was not defeated. I knew that someday I would even the score. I vowed to train harder, be stronger, go to the gym religiously, and take martial arts classes so that she would have no chance against me in our next battle because there WOULD be a next battle. Months passed by and I did little else besides dance in a bar, drink vodka, and go to the occasional photo shoot. Undaunted by my own lack of self-discipline I decided that I would still reclaim my street credibility and challenge Francesca on her own turf. With a bandanna covering most of my face and a cap pulled down low on my brow I broke into her home at 4AM last week..

Join now to see this epic battle in its entirety!

- XXOO Tanya


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