Thursday, January 03, 2008


Rich bitch Tanya Danielle is waiting for her valet to carry in the new purchases that she made during her shopping expedition. She just hired this new valet, Francesca Le, because her five former valets had either quit or committed suicide in the past year. Tanya sighs with disgust as she waits for Francesca to deposit the boxes and bags onto her bed. She doesn't think Francesca is moving fast enough. It annoys Tanya to no end that she even has to pay the proletariat to serve her. She thinks that they should do it for free. When her servants are not working with enough alacrity Tanya feels entitled to give them a quick shove or a kick in the shins to hasten their progress. At the moment Tanya is gearing up to abuse Francesca but Francesca speedily exits the room after setting Tanya's stuff on the bed. Tanya forgets all about her and begins admiring the new clothing that she had bought. So enrapt is she in her activity that she does not hear Francesca sneaking up behind her. It's too late by the time Francesca grabs her savagely by the arm. Francesca's fingers clamp down on Tanya's undeveloped bicep and she hisses these words into Tanya's ear:

"Were you looking forward to another day of debasing your employees, you stuck-up, rich bitch?! Well, guess what? Today is going to be different. Do you know who I am?"

Tanya begins to tremble and whimper, unable to shake off Francesca's death grip.

"Do you know who I am?!" Francesca demands again, shoving her face mere millimeters away from Tanya's eyeballs.

"N-no!" Tanya sputters.

"I'm one of your neighbors - you stupid, oblivious cunt - and I've been watching how you treat your staff. Now I'm going to teach you a lesson that you will not be able to forget! I guarantee that you will never abuse another employee again after I'm done with you. You've been waiting a lifetime for the beatdown I'm about to give to you!!!"

Turns out that it wasn't just a mere beatdown that Tanya suffered at the hands of her neighbor. Join now to witness this mind-warping assault!

- XXOO Tanya


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