Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vintage catfight: Jasae vs. Tanya

Jasae and I ordered some Japanese food when we were hanging out at my apartment. My cat Larry was standing next to me when I openned the door for the delivery driver. The driver was delighted by Larry and said: "Oh, wow! You have a Norwegian Forest Cat!" I laughed and told her that I had rescued Larry from a crack house in Lawndale and that I didn't think he was of any special pedigree. The woman was very insistent that he was indeed of Norwegian Forest descent. After she departed I got on the Net and looked up info on Norwegian Forest Cats. To my astonishment I discovered that the woman was probably correct. I love my animals regardless of their lineage, but I was enamored by all the Larry-type cats on the computer. Larry sat on my lap as we gazed at all his distant relatives. Jasae exhibited no interest at all in his feline genealogy and, finally, she commented:

"That dumpster-diving gato could be descended from royalty. It still doesn't change the fact that he spent his formative years inhaling second-hand methamphetamine smoke on 170th Street."

Suffice it to say that her comment was not overlooked by Larry's mother. In fact, I took the term "catfight" to a whole new level when I attacked Jasae with a level of ferocity that she had not seen before..

Which woman triumphed in this brutal melee? Join TanyaDanielle.com to find out now!

- XO Tanya


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