Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vintage Gallery: Summer Time

Last week I went over to Summer Tyme's new house and she proudly showed me the sapling she had planted in her dining room. I was in utter disbelief but knew my shock would be nothing next to that of her landlords' when they saw the hole she'd created in their ceiling to make room for her tree. It sounded like fun to call and tell them all about it since Summer had evidently not been planning to let them in on the secret until she vacated the place at the end of her year lease. She went ballistic when I tried to make a run for the phone and she used her whole 95-pound frame to body slam me before she smashed my head into her new tree! I don't know what was more astonishing: her eco-terrorism or her dirty fighting techniques. Check out the Summer Time gallery at and you be the judge.

- XO Tanya


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