Monday, February 04, 2008

Vintage catfight: Katrina vs. Tanya II

Katrina lives in my apartment building and most of the
tenants live in fear of her. She gets pretty jacked up
when she's angry. That type of anger is not foreign to
me because I've got a lot of problems of my own.
Everything was already bad between me and Katrina after I
kicked her ass in the laundry room earlier this year.
Then we started dancing at the same club. The club's
staff is comprised primarily of local gangbangers
and they are not receptive to dancers coming in from
outside their neighborhood. You'd think that Katrina and
I would get along in that type of hostile environment
since we are both outsiders, but that is not the case.

Join now to see more examples of
the frequent acts of violence we commit against each other..

- XO Tanya


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