Monday, March 01, 2010

Destruction of a Blonde - Part 1

Civil rights attorney Tanya Danielle is staying at a corporate apartment on business. She goes down to a local tavern one evening and engages in a conversation with a sexy bartender named Francesca. As Tanya becomes progressively inebriated she reveals to Francesca that she has always dreamt of being ravaged by a beautiful, strap-on wielding lesbian. Francesca lets Tanya know that she has first-hand experience and would like to help her realize her fantasy. After stumbling back to her building Tanya falls into a heavenly slumber, enjoying an endless series of sex-filled dreams.

The following night Tanya returns to the bar and is already having a drink when Francesca comes in to begin her shift. The two women talk some more and seem to really enjoy each others' company. The more they talk, the hornier Tanya gets. Just before leaving she tells the luscious bartender to meet her in her apartment after her shift is over. She then hands Francesca a key and says "I think I have everything we need."

Unfortunately Tanya has no way of knowing that Francesca is a psychotic predator obsessed with seducing beautiful, busty blondes. Her pathological nature emerges once she has the women completely under her control. As soon as she has them crying for more Francesca gets off by becoming rougher, inflicting pain, and totally annihilating her prey as their sexual romp evolves into a sadistic beatdown. Francesca possesses both great strength and great skill in wrestling. Her drunk, blonde conquests have absolutely no chance against her. In Part 1 of this shocking photoset we see Francesca ripping apart Tanya's clothes, binding her wrists, and stimulating her extremely sensitive belly and breasts. Just as Tanya is reaching ecstasy Francesca begins subjecting her to numerous excruciating wrestling holds and endless blows to her vulnerable belly..

See the entire gallery at now. The full-length video Destruction of a Blonde will be coming to store later this month!