Thursday, April 01, 2010

Confession Time

For the past five years I have been living a lie. All the updates I have made to my site within this time frame are comprised of material I shot prior to 2005. Oh yes, in the text accompanying many of the galleries I would often make reference to having shot the footage "last week", "yesterday", or "two months ago", but that was just to maintain the pretense that the photos and videos were fresh and new. Honestly, I have not weighed less than 180 lbs. since 2004. Finally I am ready to admit the truth to all of my loyal fans because I know in my heart that you will accept me and love me no matter what dress size that I happen to be wearing.

Now that I am a BBW (big, beautiful woman) I celebrate my rapacious appetite for both food and sex. In the photos above you can see a recent shot of me whipping up a meal in my kitchen along with a sexy pic of me playing with one of my boy toys. Just for fun I have also included an ancient photo of myself in which I am dressed for a workout. Hooboy, am I ever glad those days are gone. No more worrying about diet and exercise for me.

This is an exciting era for I am eagerly seizing this opportunity to show off my new look and reach for the stars!! Thank you so much, my dear fans, for being a part of this magical journey.

XO Tanya


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Tanya Danielle said...

Hehehe... April Fools!!!!

XO Tanya