Monday, January 23, 2012

Diva of Destruction

A sleek, silver Mercedes Benz glides to a stop on a stretch of cracked asphalt. Its driver kills the engine and surveys the scene in front of her. Discarded truck tires and pieces of lumber litter the ground. A crew of men is constructing furniture inside one of the battered warehouse units which comprise this industrial complex. The neighboring units show no signs of life. At the rear of the property a muscular pit bull hovers behind a black iron fence, alert to every nuance contained in the surrounding environment. It is two days before Christmas and most people have already left for the holidays. A sense of desolation hangs in the air. When the driver emerges from the vehicle her trench coat falls nearly to her ankles but fails to conceal the stunning curves of her body. One of the nearby workers notices her presence and abruptly shuts off the power tool that he is holding. Several others follow suit and soon all of the laborers have ceased their various activities to stare at her. Time seems to stand still for a few long moments. The sharp sound of high-heeled boots clicking against concrete breaks the silence as the visitor begins walking across the driveway. The pit bull barks ferociously. "Don't waste your war dance on me." the mysterious stranger says with a light chuckle as she opens a gate in the iron fence. Immediately the dog lunges at her but backs off when she shows no fear. The woman squats down and pets its chunky, trapezoidal head while she gazes at a concrete block building which looms directly ahead of them. From her vantage point she sees that someone has propped a simple metal sign spelling out the word "RAW" next to the doorway. All of a sudden a man materializes in front of her. He moves with the lithe grace of an athlete and wears a watch cap pulled tight against his head. She rises to speak to him. "My name is Mercedes Ashley." the woman says quietly. "I understand that you allow Tanya Danielle to train here. Today I will be teaching her a lesson that she richly deserves. I would appreciate it if nobody interferes. She claims to be a fighter and I assure you that she will have every opportunity to defend herself." An expression of bemusement crosses the man's face and he gives her a considering glance before stepping aside to admit her into the gymnasium facility behind him. The ensuing blood-soaked debacle shocks even the most jaded observer on the premises. Nobody attempts to intervene in the proceedings although a few wonder if they should try. Mercedes eventually grows bored with the relative ease of her victory. To sate her own need for violence she resorts to an act of sexual sadism so perverse that the date of 12-23-11 will forever haunt the memories of those who witnessed her depravity..

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