Saturday, April 19, 2014

Darker Than Amber

Emerging from the wreckage of her ruined past Amber Michaels departs Florida and hurtles toward an uncertain future. Often she wonders what happened to the wives of the men that she had victimized. Curiousity swells into obsession and, one by one, she hunts the women down. Amber enjoys torturing her prey, most of whom have never experienced anything beyond their trifling lives in the suburbs. These ladies face a more palatable fate than their past spouses: instead of drowning in the ocean they become addicted to the sex games inflicted on them by Amber. Parker City resident Tanya Hamilton, whose husband vanished at sea ten years earlier, proves difficult to conquer. She puts up a more determined fight than most. Amber attempts to subdue Tanya with numerous wrestling holds, violent spanking, and sexual stimulation. The physical brutality of the battle exhausts both participants. Amber summons even more hatred from the depths of her blackened soul. She will create a maelstrom of degradation, exhilaration, arousal,and confusion which will ultimately break Tanya and force her to orgasm against her will..

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