Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fistfight to Fornication

Resplendent in gold-trimmed finery Moral Woman (played by Tanya Danielle) prepares to set a trap for the diabolical, thieving Lesbia (played by Francesca Le.) Mayor Nancy cautions Moral Woman not to underestimate her adversary. The superheroine solemnly agrees but inwardly relishes the opportunity for a rematch with this most insidious of foes. Lesbia tricks Moral Woman by confronting her first. The two females face one another within the dimly lit confines of a truck stop motel. To Moral Woman's utter amazement Lesbia agrees to a fistfight, a fair and square contest of athleticism, skill, and strength. They trade powerful blows until the material world ceases to exist for one of them. She awakens with rope-tied wrists, torn pantyhose, and stars dancing inside of her head. Her exposed pussy and wet asshole have a story to tell but she can make sense of nothing in this distorted environment. Has she landed on a different planet? The smell of rampant fornication lingers in the air. A female form hovers above her, sinister intentions dripping from every centimeter of its perspiring flesh.. ("Fistfight to Fornication" - starring Francesca Le and Tanya Danielle - contains a full boxing match, verbal sparring, tit busting, belly punching, KO, bondage, pantyhose, lesbian domination, spitting, kissing, pussy licking, ass licking, and forced orgasm.)

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