Friday, June 27, 2014

Star Trek: The Woman Trap

From the Captain's Log:

"Star Date - 422.14.
Our Position - orbiting Planet E-184.
Onboard the Enterprise - Mr. Spock, temporarily in command.
On the Planet - manifestations of a waning but densely populated civilization. I am now beaming down to what will serve as headquarters for the duration of my stay.
My Mission - investigate reports that Nancy Crater, long believed to have perished on Planet M-113 in 2265, has somehow resurfaced in this new environment."

With these words Captain Tanya Tiberius Kirk embarks on a fateful foray into the E-184 wilderness. Gripping rocks, losing her foothold, plummeting backwards, rising to safety she finally arrives at the residence of one N. Crater. Sweat gushes from every pore of her body. She takes a few deep breaths and knocks on the door of the isolated cabin. A moment later Captain Kirk is standing face to face with the elusive Nancy Crater, a woman of unusual significance in the history of the Starship Enterprise. Nancy has not aged a day. Before the Captain can speak Nancy grasps her in a feverish hug and begins licking every exposed inch of the Captain's flesh. Is this attack or seduction?

Star Trek: The Woman Trap - starring Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle - contains catfighting, sexfighting, lesbian domination, pussy-licking, forced orgasm, transformation, and a surprise ending of epic proportions. Watch Star Trek: The Woman Trap at now!


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