Friday, December 22, 2006

Lonnie Waters

Lonnie Waters is incredibly beautiful. Her face is sublime and her body is tan and toned with perfect 34C boobs. She is a work of art. Photographers love her and her fans worship her. To make matters worse, she is also a very sweet person. It really is enough to make you sick. I tried to put a happy face on the situation when I was shooting with her. The grim reality was that I had about zero interest in spending a day with another model who was prettier, blonder, and thinner than I was, particularly when the event was being recorded on film. After about an hour of rehearsing our dialogue for a custom video I decided to beat the shit out of her. The trick was getting her to hit me first so I could play the victim and pretend she started it. Fortunately I'm quite good at that type of emotional subterfuge..

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-XXOO Tanya

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