Sunday, January 07, 2007

Strippers Have Their Day in Court

Holly Body and I had a court date on the same day. Turns out we both had some issues with reckless driving. We'd never met before, but we got to chatting in the courtroom when the judge took a brief recess. Holly's conservative apparel could not conceal her firm, full 38DDDs. I wondered aloud why she had not been able to sweet-talk her way out of the 115 MPH ticket she'd received on Interstate 10. Holly rolled her eyes and said she could not even stomach the idea of flirting with some nimrod cop. Wow! It was like we were sisters separated at birth! I invited Holly back to my apartment after we had both paid $1000 fines and been sentenced to hundreds of hours of Caltrans highway work. Upon arrival at my place I was very much looking forward to openning up a bottle of cheap wine and kicking back. The moment was shattered when my new friend Holly started becoming rude and sarcastic. Among other things she even asked me if I always dressed like a dowdy schoolteacher! There was no way that I was going to take that kind of shit in my own home so I ripped off my suit jacket, squared my shoulders and prepared to do battle with my 36DDs. Holly and I agreed to a no-holds-barred sexual test of wills in which the first woman to make the other one cum would be the WINNER..

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- XXOO Tanya

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