Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chairman Andy

Well, if naked photos of scores of beautiful models are not enticement enough to join my site.. now I can provide with you some even more compelling reasons. Wanna make a little extra money in your spare time? Want to indulge in a little gambling degeneracy here and there? Or every day? Well, I will promise you an introduction to bettor extraordinaire Chairman Andy of the WTBA. He is the gentleman who advised me on Saturday to put some $$ on the 20/1 odds that Devin Hester would make the first touchdown in Super Bowl XLI. In fact, Chairman Andy posted his picks right there on my Playhouse bulletin board for all the members to see. He is now thousands of dollars (or pounds, in his case) richer. Hopefully some of the other members are too.

Me? Regrets, I have a few. And not just because I took Chicago +6.5.

In any case, Congratulations, Chairman!!

- XXOO Tanya

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