Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scandal Rocks the WTBA!

Serious allegations of discrimination have surfaced against the WTBA. An as yet unidentified female boxer has charged that Chairman Andy has systematically denied fighters with less than a "C" bra cup size the chance to compete in the WTBA. In a shocking twist the complainant also maintains that all current and past WTBA competitors regularly visit the Chairman at his flat in London where they lavish sexual favors on the Chairman and a young man only identified by the name "Wes".

Boxing officials conducted a raid on Chairman Andy's London residence in the early hours of this morning and have allegedly recovered photographic evidence of every single current and former WTBA athlete engaged in sexual acts with two different men who are only only shown from the waist down. A source close to the case confirms that an investigation into the impropriety is ongoing but will offer no further comment.


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