Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fair Megababe vs. the evil Satana!

Mike Raffone shot Francesca Le and me in the 45-minute superheroine extravaganza pictured above. Here he describes the film from the director's standpoint:

"It's Francesca Le as Satana and Tanya as the Superheroine Megababe. Tanya (in her civilian incarnation)takes a phone call for Megababe from the mayor. It seems Satana is back and Megababe is called on to save the town from her. She dresses in the Megababe Superheroine outfit as she talks about what Satana is up to and how she will deal with the situation to save the city from her evil clutches. She puts on a pair of pantyhose before the uniform and cape, plotting how she will subdue and capture Satana. When Megababe gets to Satana's place, they struggle and Satana gets Megababe xposed to and has her out. Satana leaves and Mega babe wakes up, but Satana come back in just as she is getting up, and the struggle continues. With more chlorororm, Satana has Mega babe knocked out again. Slowly, Megababe goes down for the count, and Satana taunts her as she goes. Megababe is resilient and gets a burst of strength and battles Satana getting her in a headlock, thus getting back in control. They continue battling and Megababe seems to be getting Satana down but only a bit, Satana gets back on control and they continue battling with Megebabe vowing she will be victorious on the side of rightousness. Satana gets her down again with the chlorofrom and gets away. Megababe tries to get up, but the chlorpform was too much, and Satana comes back to taunt her and finish her off with more of the . Satana is wicked as she taunts Megababe as she lies on the floor barely concious, trying to revive. When Satana gets close in, Megababe gets a burst of strength and whacks her in the head, knocking her out with her superpowers. She need more of her power back so she puts on her super gloves and Super boots renewing her strength to persue Satana again. She gets surprised by Satana, who sneaks up her her from behind and grabs her into a hold and gets her down again and crunches her tits with her own brand of magic. Again, Megababe is out cold again, but Satana has better plans for her than to finish her off...When Megababe wakes back up, they are in Satana's hideout, with Megababes superheroine costume completely off and Megababe naked except for the boots. Satana knows if she gives Megababe 3 orgasms she will become aroused and lose conciousness and all her powers. Satana is so wicked, she ties Megababe up and continues to arouse Megababe as with a toy to her pussy and some titty stimulation. Satana taunts Megababe as she keeps up the stimulation to Megababes vagina. With no control and tied up, Megababe tries to resist the toy on her pussy and megababes fondlilng of her boobs, but it is difficult, to say the least, and has a second orgasm. The battle is on as Megababe is weaker now and Satana gets cocky knowing that Megababe is really no match for her. When Satana smothers Megababes, tits Megababe bites down on her nipple and finds out that if she bites Satan's tits, she will lose her power, and give Megababe more power as well, so Megababe gets back in the game, and becomes an increasing threat to Satana as her strength gets renewed... buy the clip to find out whether evil or virtue triumphs in this twisted saga!"

Click here to download Fair Megababe vs. the evil Satana! at my Custom Video Theatre now!

- XXOO Tanya



Barefeet Guy said...

Love your superheroine catfight theme with Francesca Le especially when the superheroine is in peril like you seem to be in the photos. If you have another superheroine catfight with Fran she makes a awesome Wonder Woman & you would make a awesome looking Cat Woman. This time Fran can use her magic lasso to tie you up with. The reason I know Fran makes a awesome Wonder Woman is because I have manupilated a photo of Fran to make her Wonder Woman. I know you have seen my yahoo group, Francesca Le Catfight Palace because you left your links in my link page Catfight Diary. Anyways always love your catfights you being such a beauty and your catfight being so erotic. I just like to thank you for such great catfight pictures and videos you have done over the years. I wish you and your catfight production company all the success in the world. You have a great day Tanya & you are absolutely correct that you are indeed a Megababe.

Darrell B.

Tanya Danielle said...

Hi Darrell,

Thanks so much for your kind words!

By the way, the gentleman who ordered the video called my character "Megababe". I'm not that arrogant ;)

XO Tanya