Monday, August 06, 2007

Another weekend adventure..

The conversation started on a congenial enough note. Ann Parker and I had arrived for a shoot at cameraman Mike Raffone's studio and we were discussing what we had done over the weekend.

"You know," I told her. "I think someone put something in my drink on Saturday afternoon. I was at The Siren in Hermosa Beach and I started feeling kind of woozy. The room began spinning and then some mild nausea kept hitting me in waves.. "

Ann raised an eyebrow at me.

"It wasn't normal. In fact, it was really strange." I continued. "They pour really generous drinks there, but I'd only had three of them. I've been drinking for a lot of years and I know what my limits are. I never get sloppy drunk or start feeling sick like that."

Ann listened and regarded me with some type of emotion in her eyes. Was it concern? Was it disapproval? Was it sympathy? I couldn't read her face and I decided to infuse the moment with some levity.

"Believe me, I'm an old drunk - I know exactly how much I can consume without ever going too far overboard." I said with a chuckle.

Ann still did not respond. It was time to change the subject.

"Anyways," I said in finishing. "nothing bad happened. My friend drove me home and I passed out. The next morning I was positive that someone had put something in my drink. I felt like crap for the rest of the weekend, but things coulda been worse - at least I made it back to my apartment safely."

Ann continued looking at me and seemed to be digesting my words. I shrugged my shoulders and made a palms-up gesture with my hands to convey a casual, dismissive "so there you have it/make of it what you will" attitude. Ann eyed me a little longer and then she finally spoke.

"Yeah, I'm sure someone did put something in your drink." she agreed in a nasty, condescending tone of voice. "It's called liquor, you dumbass!! Why do you always have to try and make excuses for not knowing when to stop yourself?"

I stared at her. An insidious silence invaded the room. The tension mounted. I grimaced. Ann squared her shoulders. Mike Raffone grabbed his camera and it was ON!!!!

You can see this disturbing fracas in the "Tanya vs. Ann Parker" update at my website now!

- XXOO Tanya


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