Friday, October 19, 2007

The Demise of Duncan

Duncan went out to a nightclub looking to get laid. He's delighted to meet an ostensibly willing blonde who invites him back to her apartment. Duncan is already sifting through his wallet looking for condoms as they walk up the buxom woman's front steps. She smiles knowingly and lets him into her place. Once inside she wastes no time before practically dropkicking him down the stairs leading to her bedroom. Duncan clings desperately to the railing above the staircase. Perhaps he should not have even bothered trying to save his own life. The psycho bitch who brought him home, Tanya, is completely insane and she's into femdom - she has no intention of letting him leave. Ever. She rides his crotch, rides his face, and relishes every moment of the brutal facesitting/smothering torture. Duncan tries to escape numerous times but Tanya merely laughs at his feeble attempts and each time informs him that he will not live to see another sunrise..

The full-length video will be coming to soon. Buy the photos at my Fantasy Image Store now!

- XXOO Tanya


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