Friday, December 28, 2007

Locker Room Catfight

New at Locker Room Catfight

Every once in a while fetish models need a little break from the industry. I decided to stop shooting for a month or two and talked Jewell Marceau into joining me on my hiatus. We had fun drinking ourselves into oblivion during our first two weeks of vacation, but then we got kind of bored. And, more pertinently, we found that we were broke. Jewell blamed me for corrupting her and blowing all her money. I accused her of being even more irresponsible and frivolous than myself. Our angry words solved nothing, of course. We began sitting home every night even though our cable TV service had been disconnected due to the unpaid bill. Our lack of funds almost prompted us to start booking shoots again. Thank Heaven I came up with a better idea. I'd been washing down fast food and Twinkies with Boone's Farm every night and I really did not relish the idea of appearing on camera with the extra weight I had gained. By a stroke of luck I found out that a local gym was hiring janitors for their night shift. The gym even offered unlimited use of the gym to all members of their staff. How perfect! Jewell and I could earn some extra money and also train at the gym for free.

We spoke to the manager with great anticipation and he hired us on the spot because I have a great deal of experience in the custodial profession. I assured him that I would show Jewell the ropes. Unfortunately our first few days on the job did not go well. Jewell objected to my efforts at supervision because she is hardheaded and lazy. Her temper flared one night when she decided that she no longer wanted to be my protege. I became highly indignant that she was disregarding my expert advice and I attempted to shove a wooden mop handle up her asshole. Jewell retaliated by smashing me into the glass wall of the shower. I then tried to blind her with whatever shampoos and soaps were within reach. Needless to say Jewell fought me every step of the way, matching each of my dirty tricks with one of her own..

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- XO Tanya


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