Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"The Mayor is my sex slave!"

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"Enterprising reporter Kianna Dior has unearthed some amazingly sordid details about the past of the mayor of Parker City. It seems that Mayor Tanya Danielle had a few youthful indiscretions which she never revealed while on the campaign trail. Evidently she got a little too crazy at a few fraternity parties, once exposed her breasts at a Denver Broncos game, and performed in a pornographic film with Ron Jeremy. The good folks of Parker City would probably forgive Mayor Danielle for the first two transgressions, but the Ron Jeremy allegation would ruin her career. Of course Kianna knows this. She can't wait to confront Mayor Danielle with the evidence. Inside her own office Kianna plays the porn video and freezes a frame of Mayor Danielle with Ron's cock in her mouth. She prints it out and arranges a meeting with the mayor. Mayor Danielle at first denies all of the reporter's tawdry accusations. Kianna pulls out the damning photograph of the mayor sucking Ron's cock. Mayor Danielle covers her face with her hands and then attempts to flee from the room. Kianna stops her. A nasty catfight ensues. The reporter manages to seize the upper hand during the brutal altercation. She then informs Mayor Danielle that the only way she will refrain from publishing the photo is if the mayor will become her personal sex slave. As it stands Mayor Danielle really has no choice in the matter if she wants to save her reputation. Little does she know that a front-page story in an upcoming Sunday issue of the Parker City Gazette will feature a photo of her servicing Kianna along with a headline that reads:

'The Mayor is my sex slave!'

Devious, double-crossing Kianna enjoys many orgasms before the shocking story hits the stands and the disgraced mayor slinks out of town.. "

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- XO Tanya


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