Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Only Game in Town

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"Tanya and Joel have been dating for a few years. They have fallen into a comfortable state of coexistence. Tanya begins to wonder if it's perhaps a bit too comfortable. She finds herself worrying that Joel might be seeking out excitement in places other than their own bedroom. He does seem to be away from home for excessive amounts of time. Finally she confronts him with her concerns. Joel shrugs dismissively and tells Tanya that he's been spending a lot of time playing video games with his buddies.

"What buddies are those?" Tanya demands. "I didn't know the guys at your office played video games. They look more like the type of men who get dragged to the shopping mall and the opera by their wives."

Joel looks at her with a puzzled expression.

"You don't think that some shoppers and opera fans enjoy video games as well?"

Tanya recognizes Joel's attempt to change the subject.

"I meant that they all seem to have wives who commandeer every free instant of their lives! Their wives wouldn't let them loaf around playing video games all weekend. Your coworkers have to store their porn in our garage so their meddling spouses don't find it!" Tanya snarled at him. "Now I want you to tell me just who in the fuck you are playing video games with all the time now!!"

All hell breaks loose when Joel reveales that he's been going to Daphne Rosen's house to indulge his video game habit. Tanya flies over to the phone to call Daphne. Joel wisely vacates the premises. Daphne arrives shortly thereafter and gives Tanya an earful:

Yes, she and Joel play video games together.

Yes, she and Joel get together at least 3 or 4 times a week.

Yes, there's been some flirtation between her and Joel.

And, yes, Joel just loves Daphne's huge tits.

Daphne smiles smugly and crosses her arms below her aforementioned huge tits as she watches steam blowing out of Tanya's ears. Then Daphne calmly, confidently challenges Tanya to a sex duel: whichever woman can outkiss and outfuck the other woman will win Joel. Not a mere instant passes before Tanya enthusiastically agrees and the two women initiate their battle. 30 minutes later they are still writhing naked in Tanya's bed trying to determine which sex-crazed woman will prevail.. "

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- XXOO Tanya


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