Thursday, February 21, 2008

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"Tanya Danielle was motoring around in her truck when she accidentally hit the bumper of Kianna Dior's flashy sports car. Kianna was just pulling into her driveway when it happened. She indicated for Tanya to follow her into her driveway. Tanya did so. It looked to Tanya that Kianna was inclined to behave in a reasonable manner. Kianna was wearing a mild expression on her face and her posture did not suggest hostility. Tanya sat in her truck waiting for Kianna to approach her. All of a sudden she realized that the gate to Kianna's driveway was slowly closing behind her. Kianna was trapping Tanya in her driveway! A nasty, nasty catfight with plenty of hairpulling, breast mauling, punches, shoves, and crotch-grabbing ensued.. "

Who emerged victorious in this traffic-related brouhaha? Buy Road Rage! at to find out now!

- XO Tanya


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