Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Oriental Assassin vs. Power Girl

The Oriental Assassin (AKA Kianna Dior) likes to toy with her victims before killing them. She lulls Power Girl into a false sense of security by pretending to be intimidated by the superheroine. Power Girl feels confident that she will easily subdue the Oriental Assassin and bring her to justice. She plows her right fist into the Assassin's crotch. Frighteningly, this vicious punch provides a rush of pleasure for the Oriental Assassin! Power Girl starts to falter and the Assassin retaliates by briefly trapping the distraught blonde between her vise-like thighs. Then, inexplicably, the Assassin releases the hold and Power Girl tumbles onto the floor. The shocked superheroine leaps to her feet. Her desperation becomes evident as she applies a sleeper hold to the seductive villainness and the Oriental Assassin doesn't even grow weak. On the contrary the Assassin seems to relish the shortage of air and appears to actually be gaining strength! Power Girl flips her around and squeezes her in a tight, rib-crushing bear hug and feels a bolt of terror when she realizes that the Assassin enjoys the painful hold.

The essence of the Assassin is becoming clear to the now petrified Power Girl. The Assassin oozes pure evil: everything from her jade eyeshadow to her poisonous blue fingernail polish reflects her malignant nature. The Assassin has no mission in life other than annihilating and then eviscerating anyone who challenges her.

Can Power Girl escape this demonic woman? If not, what will be the final indignity that Power Girl suffers at the hands of the ruthless, cunning villainness?! Buy Kianna Dior: The Oriental Assassin at to find out all the answers now!

- XO Tanya


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