Friday, February 01, 2008

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is no laughing matter. Just ask those whose lives have been turned upside down by the unethical behavior of their bosses. The case of a woman we will call "Tanya D." provides a startling example:

For years Tanya struggled to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma by attending night classes at a local junior college. She never did succeed. In November, 2007 she decided to leave school behind and start looking for a job. Around that time famous fetish model/pornstar Shannon Kelly placed an ad on to find an assistant. Tanya responded. Shannon hired her immediately upon meeting her and Tanya was absolutely thrilled. Within days Shannon began making lewd comments and groping Tanya during work hours. Meek, compliant, undereducated Tanya did not know what to do about this sexual harassment. Shannon's aggressive lesbian behavior scared her, but Tanya realized that she would have trouble finding other $7-an-hour employment if she quit her new job. Tanya simply endured the lecherous advances. Eventually, however, something interesting happened: Tanya began enjoying the lesbian encounters so much that she decided that she would never bother dating another man again. Her friends and family say that she no longer seems like the woman they once knew.

Tanya D.'s situation demonstrates one shocking outcome of sexual harassment in the workplace. Buy the entire Sexual Harassment gallery at to see Tanya's early days on the job with Shannon!


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