Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Power Woman vs. Selena

New at BustyCatfight.com: Power Woman vs. Selena

"Buxom, blonde superheroine Power Woman (AKA Tanya Danielle) has one fatal weakness: she progressively loses all her power as she is sexually stimulated. Villainess Selena (AKA Kianna Dior) realizes this and sets out to assault Power Woman with such diverse means as kicks, punches, and toe-sucking. The two pantyhose-clad women battle with ferocity, but Power Woman cannot resist Selena's attempts to sexually arouse her. Finally Power Woman becomes so weak that Selena completely overpowers her and fucks her into submission with a strap-on dildo. At that point Selena forces Power Woman to worship Selena's own pantyhose-encased toes!"

Buy Power Woman vs. Selena gallery at BustyCatfight.com to see all the frenzied superheroine action now! The full-length video will be coming to CustomVideoTheatre.com soon.

- XO Tanya


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