Sunday, June 01, 2008

Belly Punching Blowout

New at Belly Punching Blowout

"Mercedes Ashley
and Tanya Danielle have a score to settle. They have known each other since they were eighteen-year-old dancers at the same club and resentment has been brewing between them for a long time. Finally Mercedes challenges Tanya to a belly punching match. Tanya agrees to the brutal terms: the ladies will take turns punching each other in the belly until one of them can no longer take the pain and concedes defeat. The match will go for three rounds if neither woman gives up sooner. In Round 1 both ladies will remain on their knees as they punch and take punches. In Round 2 they will take turns lying on their backs and getting punched in the stomach. In Round 3 they will take turns being held against a wall and getting punched in the gut. Last Wednesday Tanya arrived at Mercedes' condo at the appointed hour. "Nice UCLA shorts, bitch!" Mercedes sneered at her. "Did you go to UCLA to learn how to become a stripper?" Tanya glared at her and snarled. "For your information I stopped at TJ Maxx on the way here so I could buy these cheap-ass shorts and shove them down your throat after I kicked your ass today!" With that Tanya landed a sucker punch that brought Mercedes to her knees and the match was on!!"

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XO Tanya


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