Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Thoughts..

A few months ago my friend Victoria was doing my makeup. The morning news was playing on her TV. Victoria commented that Hillary Clinton had lost to Obama in part because of Bill Clinton's marital infidelities and Hillary's obvious acceptance of them.

"You really think so?" I asked Victoria.

"Oh, yeah." she said solemnly as she nodded her head.

The remark stuck with me for some reason. I've long thought that Bill and Hillary Clinton have a marriage that revolves around their political careers rather than any type of loving feeling. Their union just seems like a professional arrangement. Also, Bill's extramarital affairs have nothing to do with his or Hillary's competency as politicians. That said, I remember hoping that Hillary would dump his ass after the whole Monica Lewinski DNA-on-the-dress episode came to light. Of course she did not. I did not hold it against her. In fact, I wish she had become the Democratic nominee for President. Nonetheless, Victoria's remark from the other morning kind of resounded within me. Maybe lots of people have a type of low-level disgust for women who stand by their man after he has cheated so publicly and caused such humiliation to their families. Was it enough to keep her from getting the Democratic nomination? I don't know. The notion does sound overly simplistic and a bit naive, but I think there is something to it.

The photo above is from Only Game in Town in which Daphne Rosen and I are fighting over a man. (Yes, porn is complete fantasy, but who cares? You can buy Only Game in Town at now!)

XO Tanya


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