Friday, September 26, 2008

"Mortgage Meltdown": the video is now available!

You first saw the shocking photos several months ago... now you can buy the video! Mortgage Meltdown is available for download at Here's the story behind the fracas:

"In the wake of this so-called "mortgage meltdown" in the US some real estate agents will do anything to sell a house once they have located a qualified buyer. Century 21 agents Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle both know that a wealthy local businessman named Mike can afford to buy expensive property in Los Angeles without even needing to secure a loan. Usually he just pays cash and the lucky agent representing him receives a huge commission once the escrow has closed. Goldie will stop at nothing to sell Mike his next house. Same with Tanya. Of course this volatile situation has to come to a head at some point. Sure enough, Goldie and Tanya end up face to face in the bedroom of a luxurious mansion one Wednesday morning. A horrific catfight ensues as Mike watches with both shock and growing fascination. Curiously, all three of them end up in bed together after all the wrestling, breast-mauling, and hairpulling subside.. "

Buy Mortgage Meltdown at to see how Goldie and Tanya's slugfest turns into a riotous sexfest!

XO Tanya


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