Monday, September 22, 2008

One Sale Now!!: "Suzy's Mother vs. Sister Tanya"!

Now on sale at Custom Video Theatre: Suzy's Mother vs. Sister Tanya

"Suzy Cummings is failing some of her classes and behaving inappropriately on the playground. Sister Tanya, one of the teachers at Suzy's Catholic school, tries to arrange a consultation with Suzy's mother about her daughter's errant behavior. Unfortunately Suzy's mom, Summer, never seems to pick up the phone. Sister Tanya takes it upon herself to show up unannounced at the Cummings residence one morning around 11am. No one answers the door even after the good Sister alternately rings the doorbell and pounds on a nearby window for 20 minutes straight. Undaunted, Sister Tanya hikes up her habit and scales a side wall of the house so she can reach a balcony. After clambering onto the balcony she enters what turns out to be Mrs. Cummings' bedroom through an open window. She then stands quietly next to Mrs. Cummings' bed until the beautiful, unsuspecting woman wakes up to the shock of finding an intruder inside her room.

"Who are you?!!" Mrs. Cummings screeches as soon as her eyes flutter open and she sees Sister Tanya hovering over her.

Sister Tanya calmly identifies herself, states her business, and suggests that they have a conversation about Suzy's unacceptable behavior at school. Mrs. Cummings stares at her in disbelief. Sister Tanya keeps talking, condemning the moral depravity of both Suzy and her mother. Mrs. Cummings feels her indignation rise and she gazes with hatred into Sister Tanya's serene, composed face. Suddenly she notices that Sister Tanya has excessively large breasts and is wearing makeup. Mrs. Cummings knows a fraud when she sees one. Just who is this tramp who's calling herself "Sister Tanya"? Some ex-stripper who wrangled a job at the local Catholic school when she ran out of other career options? A disgraced nun from another parish? Mrs. Cummings sets out to expose Sister Tanya as a woman of ill repute. She certainly does succeed.. "

Buy Suzy's Mother vs. Sister Tanya at Custom Video Theatre for just $21.99 (regularly $31.99) through September 26. You do not want to miss this sexy, rollicking, outrageous movie!

- XO Tanya


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