Monday, December 22, 2008

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Hurricane Havana vs. Alana And Dulce

Running Time:
60 minutes


Hurricane Havana catfights Alana, a new girl in the catfighting scene, but she does quite well in this video! Alana, a beautiful woman, and Hurricane Havana get into a fight over a beer commercial featuring.... you got it.... a catfight! The two girls go nuts and the fight is on! Second, Hurricane Havana breaks in another new catfighter: Dulce. Dulce works out and has good strength in this video. The two girls get down and dirty for a full 30 minutes with lots of hair pulling and breast grabbing. A definite must see video!!!

Hurricane Havana vs. Alana and Dulce will be playing at throughout the month of December. All members of get to watch 16 new full-length movies inside the members' area for free each month. Don't miss out - join now!

XO Tanya


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