Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek Sexfight

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Dr. Goldie Blair is looking after a patient, Ensign Michael, in sickbay. Michael confesses to the doctor that he has long been infatuated with the Captain of the Enterprise, Tanya Danielle. Dr. Blair feels her face begin to color as she tries to suppress the anger rising in her soul. She has long harbored resentment towards Captain Danielle. Without considering her actions the doctor suddenly whips out a phaser and forces Ensign Michael to submit to a blowjob. She cannot resist this opportunity to have first dibs at something the captain might want. Everyone on the crew knows that Captain Danielle has a voracious sexual appetite. After the shocked Michael ejaculates in her mouth Dr. Blair hears someone approaching. She hurriedly covers her patient and straightens her clothing. To her surprise Captain Danielle strides through the door. The captain complains of a sore back so Dr. Blair begins administering a massage treatment. As she lies atop one of the beds Captain Danielle notices that Michael is in the sickbay as well. She asks him why he is there. Michael has no time to answer before Dr. Blair grabs her phaser, points it at the captain, and reveals to the captain that Michael lusts after her. Without waiting for a response the doctor orders Captain Danielle to suck Michael off and swallow his cum. The captain does so with no protest, but she seethes inwardly with the knowledge that Dr. Blair is controlling the situation and forcing her to take orders. Immediately after satisfying Michael the captain grabs his phaser and aims it at Dr. Blair. The phaser misfires so the captain lunges at the doctor who then loses control of her own weapon. Thus begins an outrageous battle for dominance in which both ladies end up completely naked. Michael looks on in amazement as Tanya and Goldie unknowingly grope, finger, and squeeze each others' titties and pussies. Slowly but surely their violent wrestling turns into frenzied sexual lust and both women explode with their own much-needed orgasms! Only one question remains in the aftermath of this violent sexual encounter: which woman will end up controlling the Enterprise??

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