Saturday, December 26, 2009

Titfighting Secretaries

Secretaries Kianna Dior and Goldie Blair work for the J. Row Corporation and are vying for the same promotion. Tensions are running high in the office. Both women have made it clear that they will do absolutely anything to obtain the coveted position from the boss, including plying him with sexual favors. On a given Tuesday Goldie informs Kianna that she plans to give the boss the best titfuck of his life. Kianna laughs and tells Goldie that there is no way that Goldie can out-titfuck her. The two ladies glare at each other and within moments they are completely embroiled in a clothes-rending, hair-pulling, breast-clawing catfight! Each of them employs every possible malicious trick to win the battle, but 15 minutes later they are both spent and exhausted. They then decide to have a titfucking contest with a large, double-headed, black dildo to determine which of them is truly worthy of the upcoming promotion...

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