Saturday, October 22, 2011

Karmic Debt?

Something has been on my mind for the past year or two. In 1999 I started doing wrestling/catfight shoots. The first 10 years went well. I did both competitive matches and scripted fantasy matches, hundreds of them. In 2009 or so I began encountering models who were attempting to assert themselves by hitting too hard and being too rough during scripted matches which had a predetermined winner. I wondered why. On several extreme occasions, one of them very recent, I got hit in the face. The disrespect bothered me a great deal more than the discomfort, particularly since the models were not hitting that hard. I found their actions to be completely unacceptable and I told several close friends about what had transpired. They expressed shock. "Do you think they are trying to injure you because they are jealous of you?" more than one friend asked me. "Who knows." I responded with exasperation. "I can't fathom these people. I really can't." On the heels of the most recent episode my friend Scott happened to offer me a catfight/wrestling job. While responding to his e-mail I found myself telling him about one of the encounters. These words flowed through my fingers and onto the screen of my laptop:

"During a fake boxing video she kept hitting me in the face. I politely asked her to stop. The director asked her to stop. She just kept doing it. Finally I blew up at her. She started to argue with me and then she just hung her head like a little kid and ran into the bathroom. She stayed to finish the video after she composed herself, but it was very tense and uncomfortable. This is just the latest in a string of incidents with wacky broads. Has it become fashionable to behave like white trash? When I was in school we used to make fun of the poor kids from bad families. Maybe that is why I am now being punished :) "

Mystery solved. Have I paid off my karmic debt yet? I hope so.

XO Tanya