Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dark Justice - Episode 1

Jane Martin (played by Tanya Danielle) has a secret. By day she performs mundane duties at Beacon City's largest paint factory. None of her 7am-3pm coworkers suspect that the demure blonde moonlights as an operative for the Superheroine Sisterhood, an all-female network of interplanetary crime fighters. Jane's calm exterior hides the feverish emotions which keep her body and mind in a near-constant state of seething turmoil. More than anything she desires to destroy criminals and win the respect of her confederates within the Sisterhood. On a bright Tuesday afternoon we find Jane returning home from a grueling day at the factory. A sense of trepidation overtakes her as soon as she enters the living room of her pleasant suburban apartment. Without pausing to question her instincts Jane yanks off her sunglasses and begins a rapid transformation into her alter ego, the black-clad avenger known to the world as Dark Justice. Soon we discover that Jane had every reason to feel alarmed. An invisible alien has invaded the residence with the intention of exploiting her passionate nature. We can only watch in horror as he slips his penis inside of his victim and subjects her to the most powerful forced orgasm that she has ever experienced in her lifetime..

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