Monday, January 22, 2007

Amazing Stupidity

I've been dancing a lot recently so I decided to pull this story out of the archives. It feels very timely and apropos since I've danced 4 out of the past 5 days:

Strippers can be amazingly stupid. Not all of them, but there is guaranteed to be a contingent of retards at any club you happen to dance at. The anti-discrimination laws in California mandate that new strip clubs make all the stages and dressing rooms accessible to handicapped dancers. I've never worked with a stripper who was in a wheelchair, but I've had to share stages with overwhelming numbers of mentally handicapped ones. They become irate if another dancer plays "their song." Do they think they hold the copyright? They bitch about another dancer talking to "their customer." Is he their property? They whine about not making enough money on stage so they sit down in the middle of their song and pout. Do they think that helps? I always thought Goldie was a cut above the rest. She is, actually, but she had an attack of idiocy a few nights ago at the bar. She accused me of wearing baby oil during my set and making the stage floor greasy. Oh, brother. I told her it wasn't my fault that she couldn't keep herself from falling on her ass. She didn't see it that way so we agreed to settle our differences in a storage room behind the stage.

The full gallery at will tell the rest of the story..

- XXOO Tanya

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