Friday, October 05, 2007

Duncan Meets Death

Duncan and Tanya have lived in the same town, Hunterville, since they were young. They inhabit an insular world where everybody knows everybody and no one has a life. Gossip is currency in Hunterville and that makes Duncan one of the wealthiest guys in the neighborhood. He's great at running his mouth and defaming his neighbors. Unfortunately his salacious gossip doesn't always pay his rent or his cable TV bill. Tanya, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry about paying bills since she is the spawn of rich parents. Duncan sometimes refers to her as a "rich bitch". But that's not all that he says about her. Duncan claims that Tanya tried to seduce him and that he turned her down. Tanya is just steaming mad that this story is circulating around Hunterville so she devises a plan. She lures him to her palatial mansion for an intimate evening. Duncan accepts her offer, secretly hoping that he can steal some jewelry or household devices when she is not looking. Upon his arrival Duncan and Tanya sit on her livingroom couch flirting and bantering with each other. Duncan is drinking a beer. Tanya has slipped a sedative into it and she is waiting for the drug to achieve the desired effect. She keeps flirting with him until he starts to appear a little groggy. All of a sudden she demands to know why he's telling all their friends that he rejected her amorous advances. "Because that is what happened!" Duncan reminds her. Tanya glares at him and he tells her that she's too fat and he does not find her attractive. A deadly silence invades the room. Tanya snatches away Duncan's beer and throws him to the floor. By now the sedative has weakened him and he can barely fight back. From this point forward he must endure an ordeal of smothering and facesitting torture that ultimately ends his life...

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- XXOO Tanya


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