Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smuff Film

"Tanya Danielle toiled for years to pay for her boyfriend Duncan's medical school education. He rewards her years of dedication by dumping her as soon as he completes his residency and goes into private practice. Tanya meekly accepts his treatment of her and decides to move away from Los Angeles to escape the memories. She calls Duncan from her hotel room on the day before her departure to inform him that she has some of his clothes and his old laptop. Duncan wastes no time motoring over to the Radisson to collect his belongings. Heaven forbid that he should relinquish any of the personal effects which she had paid for back when the two were still a couple. Duncan arrives, demands his stuff, and Tanya knees him in the balls. She allows him to writhe on the floor for a short period of time before embarking on an extended campaign of facesitting/smothering torture before eventually killing him on the hotel-issue industrial carpet."

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- XXOO Tanya


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The Link to the vod is not working.