Saturday, December 04, 2010

Vampiress Sexfight

Eddie and Tanya married in 1999. After nearly ten years of bliss Tanya admitted to Eddie that she had a burning desire to explore her lesbian fantasies. She wanted him to allow her lover, exotic beauty Mercedes Ashley, into their home. Eddie quickly agreed and he and his wife embarked on an erotic, sex-filled adventure with their new Puerto Rican paramour. The years have sped by and recently, on a languorous Tuesday afternoon, Mercedes tells Tanya that she wants to remove Eddie from the equation and keep Tanya all for herself. This statement rocks Tanya to her core and she informs Mercedes that she could never leave her husband. "Oh, really?" Mercedes says before throwing Tanya onto the floor. "I'm the only lover that you need." Tanya begins to protest and the two women find themselves embroiled in an emotionally-charged sexfight, a battle for female supremacy in which the winner completely dominates the body, mind, and soul of the other. Each woman holds her own until Mercedes leads Tanya into their bedroom. "I have a secret that I've been keeping from you." Mercedes tells her as they lie down on the bed together. Tanya stares at her, momentarily unable to pull her thoughts away from the kissing, toe-sucking, tribbing contest which has left her horny, overheated, and needing more. "Let me show you something." Mercedes says as she turns her back to Tanya. A few tension-filled moments pass before something that seems like a flash of lightning fills the room. Tanya sits bolt upright just as Mercedes whips around and bares her fangs. Fangs?? Tanya cannot believe her eyes. Before she knows it Mercedes has mounted her and begun attempting to sink her teeth into Tanya's neck. The blonde knows that she is fighting for her life as she struggles to free herself from Mercedes' powerful grip on her wrists. "I will suck the lifeblood out of your neck and then force you to orgasm. Soon you will be a vampire just like me!" Terror fills Tanya's soul. Mercedes relishes her fear. "And do you know what will become of poor Eddie?" Mercedes taunts her cruelly. "He will become our sex toy and we will drain all the lifeblood out of his body through his cock!!"... Will Mercedes succeed in biting Tanya's neck and forcing her to orgasm? Or will Tanya be able to protect her husband and herself from the vampiress' fiendish plot?

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