Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dark Justice - Episode 3


Dark Justice Tanya Danielle has nowhere to turn. After alienating her most sympathetic connection within the Superheroine Sisterhood the star-crossed crimefighter goes even more deeply into hiding. She experiments with disguises and new apparel, eager to refresh her identity and erase any evidence of past misbehavior. Soon she realizes that none of her former allies are even attempting to track her whereabouts or check on her safety. An unexpected visitor, however, does appear at the doorstep of Dark Justice's remote hideaway. The shocking arrival of Mistress Amber (played by Amber Michaels) from a faraway, soot-covered planet sends Dark Justice into a tailspin. Can the bedraggled, blonde superheroine summon enough courage to defend herself against Mistress Amber and the forces of evil?? 

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